Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday Love List

Continuing my Thursday Love List series, here are three things that I'm currently loving! What are your loves from the past week?

After finally getting to see The Hunger Games last night, I found myself drawn to this 'Girl On Fire'-esque ASOS dress this morning! I think this could be the perfect little rehearsal dress for an upcoming wedding that I'm in, don't you think?
ASOS dress
Image via ASOS

In my Neon Pink post yesterday I featured an adorable Noir Jewelry neon crystal cuff. I have not been able to take my mind off of the bright cuff since posting, so I've decided to show you another Noir Jewelry piece that I'm lusting over. I think this necklace offers the perfect combination of neutral and glitz! 
Noir Jewelry necklace
Image via ShopBop

Continuing my trend of sharing some of my favorite songs, here is a longtime love of mine called "Welcome Home" by Radical Face. The use of percussion and piano gives the song a great driving momentum that leaves me wanting to listen to it on repeat...which I of course do! Take a listen here.

image via

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