Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Music Festival Favorites

Midway through another 12 hour work day, I received an email from Madewell reminding me to start purchasing pieces for the upcoming music festival season. Seeing this email made my mind wander to some amazing tickets that I purchased last week for an acoustic Ben Harper concert in Chicago in September. While the concert is still a few months away (can it please be September already?!), I can't help but think about what adorable outfit I'll wear! What's your favorite summer concert attire? Are there any festivals in your future?

Here are a few of my favorite musical festival pieces by Madewell.


  1. I love Madewell, seriously adorable things! You'd look great in those fun colors!

    1. I'm definitely addicted! P.S. I loved all of your updates from the Rue Mag shoot yesterday!

  2. That tank is perfect not just for festivals, but for the entire summer:)