Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Pick-Me-Up!

Happy Monday, friends! Did you have a nice weekend? Mine was filled with great music, tons of laughter, and a lot of lounging (and I mean a lot). It was so wonderful to unplug from everything for a bit and enjoy my weekend--it was JUST what I needed. Here are a couple of Monday Pick-Me-Ups to brighten your day!

Meet Otter. I spent my weekend with this cute pup and his owner B. Isn't he adorable?! Your day has to be better after looking at those big brown eyes!

Otter loves: chasing squirrels, being hyper, looking like a Muppet, and giving pathetic/adorable glances.

This might be more of a Monday Pick-Me-Up for me rather than you, but I got a mandolin over the weekend! Learning how to play a new instrument made my 2012 list, so when I found out my great-grandfather played I knew the mandolin was what I wanted to pick up. I happened to mention this to some very musical and incredibly lovely family friends, and when I saw them on Friday evening they gave me one! Isn't she beautiful?...I'm so excited to learn!

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