Wednesday, February 20, 2013

25 Before 25- Update 3

Remember back in June when I created my 25 Before 25 list? Well, I didn't meat my original goal of completing all of my tasks before turning 25, but that doesn't meant that I've given up! I'm going to use the rest of my 25th year to complete my list and maybe even have a few more adventures along the way. Here's a little reminder of where I am with my list...

What's something on your "to-do" list this year? Have a wonderful weekend!

1. Become certified to scuba dive
I have a wedding to attend in Florida in October--Certification is must before then! 

2. Skydive

*Completed 8/26/12*

3. Create a budget...and stick to it!  
Coming VERY soon! I now I have job that I love and plan on staying at for quite a while, thus creating a "spending plan" is soon to come.
4. Stay on my grandparents' farm 

*Completed 6/18/12*

5. Watch the sunrise  

*Completed 7/6/12*

6. Travel to a new continent 

*Completed 11/22/12-12/12/12*
Doha, Qatar

7. Complete 1 DIY project a month

8. Learn to play the mandolin
I've got one tune down and hope to learn more soon!

9. Go gluten free for one week 

10. Attend a pro baseball game

*Completed 7/7/2012* 

11. Learn how to use Photoshop
I received the latest version for Christmas. My first couple of projects were a little iffy--Hopefully I'll have something to show off soon!

12. Start my own Etsy shop 

13. Learn how to change a tire

14. Watch all 8 Harry Potter movies in 1 weekend 

15. Visit a zoo 

*Completed 7/8/12*

16. Find a new organization to volunteer with 

17. Read 1 new book per month

18. Research my family history 

19. Attend an amazing live concert 

*Completed 7/29/2012*

20.  Host a giveaway on my blog

21. Write a letter to my 35-year-old self 

22. See a shooting star

*Completed 7/4/12*

23. Turn off my phone for 24 hours

24.  Move out of my parents’ home

25.   Create a bucket list!

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  1. It looks like you're well on your way to completing your list! I can't believe you've gone skydiving, I don't think anyone could pay me enough money to jump out of a plane! You'll be able to learn how to use Photoshop no problem and I know you can go a week without eating gluten (I do it every day)!

    xo jen